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make-string-output-stream (Function)

— Function: make-string-output-stream &key element-type string-stream
Arguments and Values:

element-type—a type specifier. The default is character.

string-stream—an output string stream.


Returns an output string stream that accepts characters and makes available (via get-output-stream-string) a string that contains the characters that were actually output.

The element-type names the type of the elements of the string; a string is constructed of the most specialized type that can accommodate elements of that element-type.

 (let ((s (make-string-output-stream)))
   (write-string "testing... " s)
   (prin1 1234 s)
   (get-output-stream-string s))
 "testing... 1234"


See Also:

get-output-stream-string, with-output-to-string