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make-string-input-stream (Function)

— Function: make-string-input-stream string &optional start end string-stream
Arguments and Values:

string—a string.

start, endbounding index designators of string. The defaults for start and end are 0 and nil, respectively.

string-stream—an input string stream.


Returns an input string stream. This stream will supply, in order, the characters in the substring of string bounded by start and end. After the last character has been supplied, the string stream will then be at end of file.

 (let ((string-stream (make-string-input-stream "1 one ")))
   (list (read string-stream nil nil)
         (read string-stream nil nil)
         (read string-stream nil nil)))
 (1 ONE NIL)

 (read (make-string-input-stream "prefixtargetsuffix" 6 12))  TARGET
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