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remhash (Function)

— Function: remhash key hash-table generalized-boolean
Arguments and Values:

key—an object.

hash-table—a hash table.

generalized-boolean—a generalized boolean.


Removes the entry for key in hash-table, if any. Returns true if there was such an entry, or false otherwise.

 (setq table (make-hash-table))  #<HASH-TABLE EQL 0/120 32115666>
 (setf (gethash 100 table) "C")  "C"
 (gethash 100 table)  "C", true
 (remhash 100 table)  true
 (gethash 100 table)  NIL, false
 (remhash 100 table)  false
Side Effects:

The hash-table is modified.