cl-qprint API Documentation


Encode and decode quoted-printable encoded strings as defined by RFC 2045.

decode (Function)


— Function: decode input &key error-p

Arguments and Values:

input—a string or a character stream.

error-p—a generalized boolean. The default is false.


decode reads from quoted-printable encoded input and returns a decoded vector with (unsigned-byte 8) as its element type.

Exceptional Situations:

If error-p is true, an error of type decode-error signaled when input is malformed.

decode-error (Condition Type)

Class Precedence List:

decode-error, error, serious-condition, condition, standard-object, t

The type decode-error consists of error conditions related to malformed encodings.

encode (Function)


— Function: encode input &key columns

Arguments and Values:

input—a vector or a stream with element type (unsigned-byte 8).

columns—a positive integer.


encode reads from input and returns a quoted-printable encoded string. Columns denotes the maximum line length of string.