A Debian Package for Clozure Common Lisp

Max Rottenkolber <max@mr.gy>

I have created a bare-bones deb package containing Clozure CL 1.11 for use on Ubuntu, or other Linux distributions based on Debian. It contains vanilla CCL as distributed by Clozure, and installs the supplied launcher script so it can be invoked as ccl.



I recommend the following procedure (not recommended if you want to keep using the Debian/Ubuntu supplied sbcl or Slime, the latter being very insistent on using the former):

sudo apt purge sbcl slime && sudo apt autoremove
dpkg -i clozure-cl_1.11_amd64.deb

Clozure CL can now be invoked as ccl. Next, you can install Quicklisp and Slime using the instructions on the Quicklisp website.


I run Ubuntu on my leisure computer, and wanted to get it ready to do some recreational programming, naturally using Clozure CL. I thought about setting up a PPA, but after following “Getting Set Up”, and “Packaging New Software” I was overwhelmed. It was when pbuilder-dist invoked debootstrap to install a spare copy of the entire distribution that I thought, “stop right there, old friend,” and hit C-c.

I found a very reasonable blog post that outlines a simple procedure to avoid “getting set up”, but instead produce a deb package quickly.