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with-condition-restarts (Macro)

— Macro: with-condition-restarts condition-form restarts-form {form}* {result}*
Arguments and Values:

condition-form—a form; evaluated to produce a condition.

condition—a condition object resulting from the evaluation of condition-form.

restart-form—a form; evaluated to produce a restart-list.

restart-list—a list of restart objects resulting from the evaluation of restart-form.

forms—an implicit progn; evaluated.

results—the values returned by forms.


First, the condition-form and restarts-form are evaluated in normal left-to-right order; the primary values yielded by these evaluations are respectively called the condition and the restart-list.

Next, the forms are evaluated in a dynamic environment in which each restart in restart-list is associated with the condition. See Section (Associating a Restart with a Condition).

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Usually this macro is not used explicitly in code, since restart-case handles most of the common cases in a way that is syntactically more concise.