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unsigned-byte (Type)


unsigned-byte, signed-byte, integer, rational, real, number, t


The atomic type specifier unsigned-byte denotes the same type as is denoted by the type specifier (integer 0 *).

Compound Type Specifier Kind:


Compound Type Specifier Syntax:

(unsigned-byte [s | *])

Compound Type Specifier Arguments:

s—a positive integer.

Compound Type Specifier Description:

This denotes the set of non-negative integers that can be represented in a byte of size s (bits). This is equivalent to (mod m) for m=2^s, or to (integer 0 n) for n=2^s-1. The type unsigned-byte or the type (unsigned-byte *) is the same as the type (integer 0 *), the set of non-negative integers.


The type (unsigned-byte 1) is also called bit.