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unexport (Function)

— Function: unexport symbols &optional package t
Arguments and Values:

symbols—a designator for a list of symbols.

package—a package designator. The default is the current package.


unexport reverts external symbols in package to internal status; it undoes the effect of export.

unexport works only on symbols present in package, switching them back to internal status. If unexport is given a symbol that is already accessible as an internal symbol in package, it does nothing.

 (export (intern "CONTRABAND" (make-package 'temp)) 'temp)  T
 (find-symbol "CONTRABAND")  NIL, NIL
 (use-package 'temp)  T
 (unexport 'contraband 'temp)  T
 (find-symbol "CONTRABAND")  NIL, NIL
Side Effects:

Package system is modified.

Affected By:

Current state of the package system.

Exceptional Situations:

If unexport is given a symbol not accessible in package at all, an error of type package-error is signaled.

The consequences are undefined if package is the KEYWORD package or the COMMON-LISP package.

See Also:

export, Section 11.1 (Package Concepts)