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symbol-plist (Accessor)

— Function: symbol-plist symbol plist

(setf (symbol-plist symbol) new-plist)

Arguments and Values:

symbol—a symbol.

plist, new-plist—a property list.


Accesses the property list of symbol.

 (setq sym (gensym))  #:G9723
 (symbol-plist sym)  ()
 (setf (get sym 'prop1) 'val1)  VAL1
 (symbol-plist sym)  (PROP1 VAL1)
 (setf (get sym 'prop2) 'val2)  VAL2
 (symbol-plist sym)  (PROP2 VAL2 PROP1 VAL1)
 (setf (symbol-plist sym) (list 'prop3 'val3))  (PROP3 VAL3)
 (symbol-plist sym)  (PROP3 VAL3)
Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if symbol is not a symbol.

See Also:

get, remprop


The use of setf should be avoided, since a symbol's property list is a global resource that can contain information established and depended upon by unrelated programs in the same Lisp image.