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string (Function)

— Function: string x string
Arguments and Values:

x—a string, a symbol, or a character.

string—a string.


Returns a string described by x; specifically:

 (string "already a string")  "already a string"
 (string 'elm)  "ELM"
 (string #\c)  "c"
Exceptional Situations:

In the case where a conversion is defined neither by this specification nor by the implementation, an error of type type-error is signaled.

See Also:

coerce, string (System Class) (type).


coerce can be used to convert a sequence of characters to a string.

prin1-to-string, princ-to-string, write-to-string, or format (with a first argument of nil) can be used to get a string representation of a number or any other object.