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return (Macro)

— Macro: return [result] |
Arguments and Values:

result—a form; evaluated. The default is nil.


Returns, as if by return-from, from the block named nil.

 (block nil (return) 1)  NIL
 (block nil (return 1) 2)  1
 (block nil (return (values 1 2)) 3)  1, 2
 (block nil (block alpha (return 1) 2))  1
 (block alpha (block nil (return 1)) 2)  2
 (block nil (block nil (return 1) 2))  1
See Also:

block, return-from, Section 3.1 (Evaluation)

 (return) ≡ (return-from nil)
 (return form) ≡ (return-from nil form)

The implicit blocks established by macros such as do are often named nil, so that return can be used to exit from such forms.