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package-name (Function)

— Function: package-name package name
Arguments and Values:

package—a package designator.

name—a string or nil.


package-name returns the string that names package, or nil if the package designator is a package object that has no name (see the function delete-package).

 (package-name *package*)  "COMMON-LISP-USER"
 (package-name (symbol-package :test))  "KEYWORD"
 (package-name (find-package 'common-lisp))  "COMMON-LISP"
 (defvar *foo-package* (make-package "FOO"))
 (rename-package "FOO" "FOO0")
 (package-name *foo-package*)  "FOO0"
Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if package is not a package designator.