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make-condition (Function)

— Function: make-condition type &rest slot-initializations condition
Arguments and Values:

type—a type specifier (for a subtype of condition).

slot-initializations—an initialization argument list.

condition—a condition.


Constructs and returns a condition of type type using slot-initializations for the initial values of the slots. The newly created condition is returned.

 (defvar *oops-count* 0)

 (setq a (make-condition 'simple-error
                         :format-control "This is your ~:R error."
                         :format-arguments (list (incf *oops-count*))))
 #<SIMPLE-ERROR 32245104>

 (format t "~&~A~%" a)
▷ This is your first error.

 (error a)
▷ Error: This is your first error.
▷ To continue, type :CONTINUE followed by an option number:
▷  1: Return to Lisp Toplevel.
▷ Debug>
Affected By:

The set of defined condition types.

See Also:

define-condition, Section 9.1 (Condition System Concepts)