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fill-pointer (Accessor)

— Function: fill-pointer vector fill-pointer

(setf (fill-pointer vector) new-fill-pointer)

Arguments and Values:

vector—a vector with a fill pointer.

fill-pointer, new-fill-pointer—a valid fill pointer for the vector.


Accesses the fill pointer of vector.

 (setq a (make-array 8 :fill-pointer 4))  #(NIL NIL NIL NIL)
 (fill-pointer a)  4
 (dotimes (i (length a)) (setf (aref a i) (* i i)))  NIL
 a  #(0 1 4 9)
 (setf (fill-pointer a) 3)  3
 (fill-pointer a)  3
 a  #(0 1 4)
 (setf (fill-pointer a) 8)  8
 a  #(0 1 4 9 NIL NIL NIL NIL)
Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if vector is not a vector with a fill pointer.

See Also:

make-array, length


There is no operator that will remove a vector's fill pointer.