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file-write-date (Function)

— Function: file-write-date pathspec date
Arguments and Values:

pathspec—a pathname designator.

date—a universal time or nil.


Returns a universal time representing the time at which the file specified by pathspec was last written (or created), or returns nil if such a time cannot be determined.

 (with-open-file (s "noel.text"
                    :direction :output :if-exists :error)
   (format s "~&Dear Santa,~2%I was good this year.  ~
                Please leave lots of toys.~2%Love, Sue~
             ~2%attachments: milk, cookies~%")
   (truename s))
 (with-open-file (s "noel.text")
   (file-write-date s))
Affected By:

The host computer's file system.

Exceptional Situations:

An error of type file-error is signaled if pathspec is wild.

An error of type file-error is signaled if the file system cannot perform the requested operation.

See Also:

Section (Universal Time), Section 19.1.2 (Pathnames as Filenames)