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continue (Restart)

Data Arguments Required:



the continue restart is generally part of protocols where there is a single “obvious” way to continue, such as in break and cerror. Some user-defined protocols may also wish to incorporate it for similar reasons. In general, however, it is more reliable to design a special purpose restart with a name that more directly suits the particular application.

 (let ((x 3))
   (handler-bind ((error #'(lambda (c)
                             (let ((r (find-restart 'continue c)))
                               (when r (invoke-restart r))))))
     (cond ((not (floatp x))
            (cerror "Try floating it." "~D is not a float." x)
            (float x))
           (t x))))  3.0
See Also:

Section (Restarts), Section (Interfaces to Restarts), invoke-restart, continue (function), assert, cerror