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boundp (Function)

— Function: boundp symbol generalized-boolean
Arguments and Values:

symbol—a symbol.

generalized-boolean—a generalized boolean.


Returns true if symbol is bound; otherwise, returns false.

 (setq x 1)  1
 (boundp 'x)  true
 (makunbound 'x)  X
 (boundp 'x)  false
 (let ((x 2)) (boundp 'x))  false
 (let ((x 2)) (declare (special x)) (boundp 'x))  true
Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if symbol is not a symbol.

See Also:

set, setq, symbol-value, makunbound


The function bound determines only whether a symbol has a value in the global environment; any lexical bindings are ignored.