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array-total-size (Function)

— Function: array-total-size array size
Arguments and Values:

array—an array.

size—a non-negative integer.


Returns the array total size of the array.

 (array-total-size (make-array 4))  4
 (array-total-size (make-array 4 :fill-pointer 2))  4
 (array-total-size (make-array 0))  0
 (array-total-size (make-array '(4 2)))  8
 (array-total-size (make-array '(4 0)))  0
 (array-total-size (make-array '()))  1
Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if its argument is not an array.

See Also:

make-array, array-dimensions


If the array is a vector with a fill pointer, the fill pointer is ignored when calculating the array total size.

Since the product of no arguments is one, the array total size of a zero-dimensional array is one.

 (array-total-size x)
    ≡ (apply #'* (array-dimensions x))
    ≡ (reduce #'* (array-dimensions x))