A tiny Lisp to ANSI C compiler. The MICROLISP dialect is very simplistic. It features lists, real numbers, symbols, characters and a macro facility borrowed straight from Common Lisp. All data is immutable and a reference counting garbage collector is employed. The compiler is written in Common Lisp.

I developed this project as my apprenticeship's final practical exam. I haven't done much besides bug fixing since then (2012) and due to the nature of the circumstances some parts of the source code—especially the compiler—are somewhat rushed. While the inline documentation of the source code is complete and written in english, the included papers are written in german. For people trying to get a grasp of MICROLISP I recommend reading the source files in the test/ and includes/ directories.

The codebase is very well suited for educational purposes. The original goal of MICROLISP was to be a dynamic scripting language for embedded systems. It never was deployed on a real embedded system though.

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