CL-QPRINT implements the quoted-printable encoding as described in RFC 2045ยน. It was originally written by Robert Marlow but is apparently not maintained anymore. This version contains major bug fixes and is actively maintained.

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Max Rottenkolber


commit f39c2dc641c90c87955591dbb7601976cb69da12
Author: Max Rottenkolber <>
Date:   Thu Nov 28 14:03:03 2013 +0100
Changed version to 0.9.9 to avoid confusing ASDF.
commit 2fb009a3d80cbb66882e79aa098d529283abc4ce
Author: Max Rottenkolber <>
Date:   Sat Nov 9 16:03:34 2013 +0100
Added a heuristic to CL-QPRINT:DECODE to gracefully handle bad soft line breaks (missing carriage return) which a lot of mail clients generate (even CL-MIME messes this up during mail parsing).
commit e815ef538f682f84a4a8aedcf4cc4c123f01ffe1
Author: Max Rottenkolber <>
Date:   Sat Nov 2 19:48:48 2013 +0100
Rewrote ENCODE and DECODE. Added DECODE-ERROR condition, and ERROR-P flag to DECODE. Simplified and fixed ENCODE. Removed the ENCODE-WHITESPACE parameter, instead always encode whitespace for simplicity. Set sane default value to COLUMNS parameter.